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Are you a high performer who’s living a stressful and unhappy life? 

I've built this power-packed course for you! 
Exponential Leadership Academy
A 7-module online course that can help you amplify your inner power to conquer BURNOUT, boost your career performance, and finally have a good night’s sleep—every single night.

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“Thanks, Ani! I was sceptic when I signed up as I’ve done many online courses prior to yours, but by Module 2 I was hooked. The best news is that my staff had no idea how close I came to closing the business, but now we’re all motivated to achieve this year's strategic goals and I have a new found excitement for the company’s future!” 

- Mary-Ann T, Napier, New Zealand
Burnout can affect your personal and business life.
As high performers, we always strive for perfection and, sadly, we’re not confident that other people in our company can deliver. 

Let’s face it… You’re juggling too many balls in the air right now and you fear you’ll drop the ball. You need help but you won’t admit it. This causes you to experience high levels of stress every single day.

  • You work hard day and night.
  •  You're losing the motivation you once had and you feel tired, dull, and empty.
  •  You can’t get a good night’s sleep with all the problems in your head. 
  •  You cringe at the thought of taking a day off, it just piles up your work the next day. 
  •  You have already forgotten how to relax and keep a smile on your face.

Right now, your only wish is to be happy and motivated once again to give your 110% at work. But you don’t know how… and you’re slowly losing hope.

You may know it or not but BURNOUT is causing a lot of problems in your personal and business life. The only way to solve all the pains you’re experiencing is to conquer burnout and say hello to a better you!
If you can relate to the situation above, this course is for you!
Believe it or not, I was exactly where you are today about 7 years ago...

Burnout was eating me alive! And I really was desperate of finding a cure. I spent hours, weeks, then months and finally years researching the fastest techniques to beat burnout.

If you Google the term “Burnout” you'll be rewarded with almost 48 million results.

You’ll be so confused as to what works and what doesn’t. Finding the most effective way to beat burnout will take years of your time and even cost a fortune...

Trust me, I tried yoga, mindfulness courses, psychologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, changing homes, changing jobs, and doing every seminar and course I could find. In the end, I realized that there’s one simple truth that will solve ALL of your problems…

The good news is that I’ve done all the hard work for you and this powerful course is a result of years of trial and error, not to mention the 10's of thousands of dollars I spent along the way!  My discovery can help you conquer burnout permanently!
Find out the one simple truth that helped me conquer burnout, here on my course:
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After finishing this course, you will: 
  • Learn how to prevent and beat burnout so you can help both yourself and your employees handle burnout effectively.
  • Finally, have the good night’s sleep that you deserve and never have a restless night even when you’re experiencing problems at work.  
  • Become more optimistic and happy so you can look forward to every single day of your life while repelling any negativity that will affect you. 
  • Have an increased physical and mental energy so you can spend hours at work and even spend quality time with your family afterward. 
  • Have a clearer picture of your goals and strategic plans so you’ll work your way to your dreams at a faster pace than ever.  
  • Learn how to motivate and inspire others so you can boost your team’s performance as a leader in a super positive way. 
  • Have a restored libido and renewed love for your partner which will help you and your partner strengthen your relationship.  
Course Curriculum
The Exponential Leadership Academy is composed of 7 modules that you can consume at your own pace. The robust modules include world class teaching, exercises and challenges, plus a heap of helpful downloads.

You can finish the whole course in just 7 weeks!
  • Introduction
  • Module 1 - Brain Chemistry
  • Module 2 - Building Foundations 
  • Module 3 - Building Foundations Part 2
  • Module 4 - Introducing the Core Fears Model
  • Module 5 - Targeting the Core Fears
  • Module 6 - Living Exponentially
  • Module 7 - Review and Renew
Who exactly is this course for?
The Exponential Leadership Academy is for high performers (managers, leaders, and business owners) that are experiencing too much stress and fear of failure. This is for people who want to live a happier life and sleep soundly each night. 
BE AWARE: This is NOT a mindfulness course. A bi-product of this is NOT recovery. A bi-product is to raise the level of your own expectations. 
Hi, I'm Ani! I'll be your instructor in this course. 
I've spent 20 years in highly stressful management positions all over the globe. Due to my stressful career, I was diagnosed with stress-induced stage three cancer for the 2nd time in my career. I was a manager who was told to slow down.
But being a Type A overachiever, I knew that slowing down would go against my very nature. This got me determined in finding a more fitting answer. 

Qualifying as a Stress Mastery Coach, Executive Life Coach and Meditation teacher, I quickly realized that mindfulness was just not enough. Thanks to my neuroscience background, I was able to re-ignite my passion for the human brain and began my own research.

Today, I travel the globe... 

Changing the lives of individuals like you...

Speaking to audiences about the merits of their own high performing personalities...

Teaching business owners and managers how to change their stress from fear based to a level of excitement...

I've also written two international books on the science behind burnout and I've co-authored two more books.
“Just wanted to say, it’s taken me 3 months to actually get to Module 5, but not because I have no time, I reckon you could halve this course and I’d still have achieved what I expected when I signed up. Can’t wait for the next 3 modules!”
- Gareth E, Albany, New York
Join the Exponential Leadership Academy course today! 
Special price for those who downloaded my "Are you stressed?" e-book:
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Ani Wilson
Leadership Burnout Coach and Speaker

“I've created this program to ensure that you don't go through what I did. To not only battle chronic stress and burnout, but to use it to enhance your leadership capabilities and expand your mind past what you believed possible. Join me in becoming an exponential leader!”

What’s included when you buy the course:
  • Online access to all 7 modules of the Exponential Leadership Academy
  • World class teaching, exercises, and challenges, backed by timely scientific research and personal experience
  • Downloadable files to help you conquer burnout at a faster pace
  • 24/7 support to help you with your purchase
Purchase my course today and I’ll include my e-book “The Creative Mind” for FREE! 
The Creative Mind E-book 
An overachiever’s guide for boosting creativity and mental performance. 
($9 VALUE)
What you’ll learn in this e-book:
  • How to boost your creativity and start excelling once again in your career.
  • How your brain reacts to stress and what that means for a high performer like you.  
  • Why long periods of stress can significantly hinder your performance. 
  • What hemi-synching is and how exercising both sides of our brain can help us become more creative.  
  • Hemi-synching techniques you can use to help you exercise both parts of your brain and boost creativity.  
  • Scientifically-proven techniques to help you move from Beta brain activity to an Alpha state of calm.
Start your journey to a happier and more successful future for you and your family:
 Purchase this course with 100% secure servers.
“The value of this course is impressive. I’d spent probably thousands of $ on behind the scenes medical practitioners and advice before I tried this course. The true value is now I fully understand why I kept failing. Not only did this course save my career, it has changed the way the whole family interacts which is invaluable!”
- Brian A, Salt Lake City, Utah
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